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Taking Advantage of Realtor Services


Everyone shopping for a home should seek a realtor's assistance.  When your shopping, Realtors cater to your needs at the sellers expense.  Finding a Realtor is best done by a referral.  The more experienced and trustworthy, the more benefits you will gain throughout the purchase process.  Realtors generally have a list of services they offer home buyers such as real estate incite, find homes that fit your interests, determine value, handle price negotiations, and paperwork.  A good Realtor will take care of mostly everything making the home purchasing process as fun as it should be!


The only time it would be wise not use a Realtor is if you are very educated on real estate transactions and are shopping for a "for sale by owner" home.  Realtors do not take a commission for the seller in a "for sale by owner" transaction and therefore, in most circumstances, will not provide assistance in such a sale.







Before you apply, understand the process:


1. Mortgage Introduction

2. Understanding Your Financial Situation

3. Choosing a Mortgage Type

4. Shopping for a Mortgage Company

5. Getting Your Mortgage Purchase Loan Pre-Approved

6. Taking Advantage of Realtor Services

7. Finalizing Your Purchase Mortgage Loan

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