Finalizing Your Mortgage Purchase Loan

At this point you have a home picked out, your financing in place, and you’re ready to close the deal. Your Realtor will generally handle all communications necessary to prepare the closing of the deal. You will sit down with a notary public and go over your loan documents which includes the terms of the loan and sale. Once signed, you either take possession of the property then or find out when you will. Behind the scenes, the transaction is completed.

It’s quite possible that although your ready, the other party’s won’t be. It’s common that the closing process and ownership possession process can take 1-2 months even when everything on your end is complete. The delays are mostly due to the many parties that are involved and the communication required to complete the process.

Once you “get the keys” and take possession of the property it’s almost time to move in! I will make a home owner to home owner recommendation and press that it’s a good idea to get all major updates or additions done to the interior prior to moving in. Replacing carpet, cabinets, windows, paint, and tiling are much easier to complete prior to having furniture and other things in the home.

Good luck, and most of all, enjoy your new home!

Before you apply, understand the process:

Allow us to walk you through each step in researching and obtaining the proper home loan that fits you.

  1. Mortgage Introduction
  2. Understanding Your Financial Situation
  3. Choosing a Mortgage Type
  4. Shopping for a Mortgage Company
  5. Getting Your Mortgage Purchase Loan Pre-Approved
  6. Taking Advantage of Realtor Services
  7. Finalizing Your Purchase Mortgage Loan


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